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Quality products with a homemade look

With Top Table we always aim for the best taste. We handpick the best products from the most skilled poultry producers in the world. And we stick to our producers, so you’re always guaranteed the same high quality every time. In addition, most of the products are cut by hand, so they look homemade when serving them in your dishes.

Products and bags tailored to meet your needs

We always integrate our customers’ needs in our product development. That is why we pack our Top Table products into user-friendly sizes, which suits your kitchen. We’ve also put a zipper in the bags, so you can save time, money and keep your food waste down. We see ourselves as your business partner and believe that we – by listening to you and your needs – can find the best solutions for you.

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Discover a world of poultry

With Chefs Club, we open the doors to a world of raw poultry. We handpick the best products from the most skilled producers, and our international assortment offers a wide range of both conventional and organic poultry products and specialties. So, discover a world of raw poultry, where taste, authenticity and storytelling are in focus.

Safety in the top

Safety is important when it comes to raw poultry. Therefore, we make high demands on our producers regarding food safety. Our raw poultry products are constantly tested for bacteria like salmonella, listeria and campylobacter, as well as the sensory quality of the products are constantly controlled. In addition, there is full traceability on all products, so you can feel safe when serving raw poultry from Chefs Club.

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Vesterhavskylling - From the forest by the sea.

Our new, Danish organic 'Vesterhavskylling' comes directly from the forest by the water. Here, the Western sea chicken has gone and had a good time with eating the healthy herbs that grow on the forest floor, making ours

Western sea scallop 100% organic. The Vesterhavskyllingen is produced locally in the North Jutland town of Lønstrup, where ambitions and demands are high.

• 100% Danish feed
• Higher degree of self-sufficiency
• 100% green power throughout production
• More suitable breeds for organic production
• up to 75 days old

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