We are House of Foods

The vision for House of Foods is to be the most trusted European food supplier, based on high-quality products from the world's best food producers to customers throughout Europe within Branding, Trading and Retail.

The world is your marketplace

Foodservice Branding

House of Foods specializes in developing and promoting branded quality food products, from the best producers in the world. We are helping customers with advice, service, and development of their own business, using food products of the highest quality, with focus on creating a unique identity.

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House of Foods are importing a diverse range of quality food products from all over the world. Though our trusted food producers, we ensure high-quality products at competitive prices. We distribute products to businesses, helping them expand their product range and meet the needs of their own customers.

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House of Foods develops products and food solutions for retail customers' online web shops and physical stores, based on market research, purchasing behaviors and current trends.

We offer a wide selection of food products in House of Foods' own brands and as private label.

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Product Range

Beef & Veal





Fish & Seafood



Ready meals



More to come

We want to be your trusted food supplier and specialist. 

At House of Foods is our mission to be your trusted food supplier and specialist. We have decades of experience in the food industry, and we are passionated about delivering the highest quality food products from the best producers all over the world. Our expertise in the global food markets, enables us to offer you, a vast selection of quality products from all food groups.

We understand that our customers demand the best, and that's why we're dedicated to build strong cooperations with our producers, ensuring that we import only the finest food products. Our team of experts, works to ensure that every product we offer, meets our high standards for quality and safety. From product selection to delivery, we're committed to provide our customers with the best service

House of Foods is your trusted supplier of quality food products from all over the world. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and earn your trust as GO-TO supplier of high-quality food products and exceptional service.

Combined 44 years of experience as market leaders in branding, trading and retail.

House of Foods is the new powerhouse, based on decades of industry experience within Branding, Trading and Retail. By uniting the expertise, resources and producer cooperation from Euro Poultry and Carmo Food Nordic, House of Foods will be ONE trading house with access to new suppliers, markets, and continuous development of food solutions. House of Foods has a huge selection of quality products, from the best food producers in the world, to delivery at customers throughout Europe.